Soothing Sleep Hedgehog Shusher Plush Toy with Sleep Aid White Noise Lullabies & Starry Night Projector

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Our popular Soothing Sleep Hedgehog Shusher white noise Plush Toy is a specially designed product for the purpose of sleep aid for baby.

Many new parents’ experiences show that the sounds that work include Shushing sound, water flow through the shower, heartbeat, the sound of a fan, which includes all key features and other helpful functions:

Variety of Sound selection:

• 4 White noise for baby
(included shushing sound/ heartbeat/wind blowing rustling sound/birds singing)

• 11 Lullabies

• 2 play modes
( Press change button 1 time will play only one song continuously, hold more than 3 seconds will change the mode to auto loop play the next song after one song.)


Easy Setting Timer:

• 15/30/60 minutes of timer options.

• Without setting the timer, it will continuously play by default


Hedgehog Plush Toy:

•Lovely Hedgehog design.

•Soft short plush, safe and comfortable touch sense.

•Convenient hanging strap, easy to place it to any place of the crib or baby carriage.


Multi-level Volume Adjustment:

•7 Different levels volume.

•Maximum 75-80 dB. (loud enough for covering the cry sound of the baby before he/she calms down, after that can turn down the volume to normal).


Detachable Player & Washable Plush:

•Easy to clean the plush. Machine Washable in a separate washable bag recommended

•Easy to change the battery.


Colorful Starry Night Light Projector:

•Star & moon shape color light projector.

•3 level lightness adjustable.

•Lighting and volume are controlled separately.


Detachable Player & Washable Plush:

•Easy to clean the plush.

•Easy to change the battery.


Suitable for Age 3 months old and above


Newborn Baby Toy Appease Soothing Sleep Aid Lullabies White Noise Machine with Timer+Hedgehog Plush Toy+Night Lamp Projector

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